International Online Zhuangao: We always emphasize details, details. In fact, the so-called street detail, referring to nothing more than accessories and clothes piecemeal design. Among the accessories, is nothing more than bags, shoes, jewelry, hair accessories and so on ...... In fact, bags and jewelry as long as you do good with the so-called street shooting details, they can easily control.

Filling the elegant atmosphere and feminine, with us to the streets look up to the people of the bag with jewelry combination, allowing you carefully feel what is called "the details of fashion charm."

Thai monks show off their wealth according to the network crazy pass: take a private jet show LV bags provoke outrage. Recently, a group of Thai monks show off their wealth according angered Thai people. Monks in Thailand is a very sacred status, while the exposure of Thai monks monks sit xuanfu Chiu private jet show LV bags new glasses also show off their wealth with some of the second generation are no different. Many Thai people demanded human flesh which two xuanfu Thai monks.

Girlhood in Singapore airport, Lin Yun children hand carry bags Marc Jacobs brand, Xu Xian is Samantha Thavasa, Sunny Li Shungui bag brand Chanel CHANEL. It is reported that SNSD preparing to go to Singapore to participate in the Asian fashion award "ASIA STYLE COLLECTION" ASC, ASC will be held June 22 in Singapore.